Emma Kerson is a Toronto-based contemporary artist, working as a dancer, choreographer, teacher, and writer.

Her choreographic work blends unbridled feminism, sincere physicality, and a dry comedic wit.  Wholeheartedly seeking to develop contemporary dance works that are an authentic exploration of human questions, her creations pair deeply researched physical ideas with daring interpretive choices.  Using the body, heart, and mind to navigate human depths, her work embraces nuance and champions the sublime within the overlooked.

As an independent dancer, Emma has worked with Julia Aplin, Patricia Beatty, Elizabeth Chitty, Jennifer Dallas, Robert Desrosiers, David Earle, Sylvain Émard, Michael Sean Marye, Sharon B. Moore, Peter Randazzo, and Lucy Rupert amongst others.

Emma formed Common People with Andrew Hartley in 2014 as a vehicle to commission duets.  Their show, Blue Valentine, was presented in 2017 by Citadel + Compagnie with works by Simon Renaud and Tedd Robinson.

Emma is a graduate of Dalhousie University (Honours B.A. in English), and of The School of Toronto Dance Theatre.  As an educator, she works at The School of Toronto Dance Theatre and the Quinte Ballet School of Canada, in addition to teaching workshops throughout the city.  She is a freelance writer and contributor at The Dance Current.