le grand continental

June 22-24, 2018

Luminato Festival presents
Nathan Phillips Square, Toronto

Choreography: Sylvain Émard
Professional Dancers: Emma Kerson, Aria Evans, Andrea Roberts, Benjamin Landsberg, Bonnie Kim, Fanny Ghorayeb, Jane Alison-McKinney, Jordana Deveau, Kathia Wittenborn, Megan Nadain, Michael Caldwell, Nikolaos Markakis, Ric Brown, Shannon Litzenberger

Lighting Design: Andre du Toit
Composer: Martin Tétreault, Johnny Saga
Stage Manager: Jessica Severin
Assistant Stage Managers: Alex Dallas, Tara Mohan
Technical Director: TJ Shamata
Assistant Technical Director: David Costello
Producer: Oz Weaver

Joyous and intoxicating, Le Grand Continental is a world-renowned extravaganza that brings together hundreds of dance enthusiasts to perform a sensational line dancing inspired contemporary dance.