A rigorous negotiation that questions the needs and values of the self versus the collective whole.  Bleeding from the concretely casual to the esoterically abstract, the work transforms perceived identities and functions of the body, offering a visceral journey through four people, truly experiencing the nature of affect.

choreography: Emma Kerson
dancers: Rhonda Baker, Molly Johnson, Drew Berry, Sierra Chin Sawdy
outside eye: Susie Burpee

supported by Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council, Mocean Dance, adelheid, MOonhORsE Dance Theatre, Peggy Baker Dance Projects + Canada’s National Ballet School, The National Ballet of Canada’s CreativAction Programme, Lindy Green + Sam Chaiton

(in development)

[30 minutes]

A one-on-one physical and auditory experience exploring the boundaries between inner and outer selves.  Leaving traces yet covering her tracks, we watch her crumble; we see her root.  She is spectacle, she is removed, she invites you in. 

choreography: Emma Kerson
dancer: Sahara Morimoto

supported by the Ontario Arts Council

I'm shrinking, sorry

[11 minutes]

An embodiment of the learned gendered behaviour of shrinking and its relationship to one’s sense of entitlement in the world.  Walking the line between the absurd and the darkly humorous, the work looks at what it is to live in a state of apology as courtesy.  Inspired by the slam poetry of Lily Myers.

choreography and performance: Emma Kerson
music: Arvo Pärt
outside eye: Trish Beatty

presented by Dance Matters (Toronto, 2015), Wild Rabbit Dance Projects (2014)


Sehnsucht: I can't find it for you

[20 minutes]

Sehnsucht, a German word with no literal translation, can loosely be interpreted as an addiction to searching for what is intensely missing.

choreography and performance: Ana Groppler and Emma Kerson

presented by Nextfest (Edmonton, 2014), Dance Matters (Toronto, 2013)